‘Do No Harm’ methodology for Faith Leaders & Organisations

A few years ago, while working with Islamic Relief Worldwide I embarked on a lovely project with World Vision International to develop training for faith leaders and organisations that will help them be more conflict sensitive and effective.

World Vision use the ‘Do No Harm’ methodology, a tool originally developed for the humanitarian and aid sector by Mary Anderson and published by the organisation CDA. This analysis system helps people understand conflict at a project or community level. When local leaders understand what might divide or connect people, strategies and approaches can be found to minimise harm.

This project sought to translate this methodology into a version that could be used by interfaith groups, faith leaders and organisations, to understand the impact their own activities were having on conflict in their communities, and formulate strategies to help them minimise harm and build peace.

The result is a workshop manual, which I had the privilege of helping create and acting as co-Facilitator for three pilot trainings in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lebanon and Kenya. World Vision have finalised the manual and have published an excerpt here, along with contact details for organisations that are interested in the use of the full module.


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